Ultrasound in Primary Care - FAQs

Q. I am interested in introducing ultrasound into my patient consultation, where applicable. What systems can you offer that might meet my skillset and budget?

A. We can offer the Vscan Extend or Vscan Dual Probe pocket ultrasound, which would sit on your office desk and could be used to quickly take a look and rule in or rule out symptoms.

We can also offer the equally portable and compact Vscan Access, which is more geared towards community obstetric scans (week 36 checks) and general abdominal examinations of the kidney, bladder and aorta.

Finally, if you require a more conventional but affordable ultrasound scanner designed specifically for the primary care market with built-in training tools and reference images then the laptop-style LOGIQ V2 or the console LOGIQ F series may be ideal.

Q. Can I try a system before I decide to buy?

A. Yes, we can arrange for a specialist to bring a system in and demonstrate how it might bring value to your practice and patient experience. Alternatively, you may want to attend one of the many courses taking place around the country that we often support with ultrasound systems. This way you could try the systems while being coached by experts.

Q. I don’t want to spend that much money in one go – can I spread the cost out over a period of time?

A. Yes. Other than a capital purchase, we can arrange for a 3- or 5-year lease quote. We can even offer a 12-month rental with the option to purchase at the end of the term. With a rental offering, we share the risk – so if at the end of the term you decide that the system is not meeting your needs, then you can return it and no further payments will be required.

Q. Will you train me how to scan?

A. We can train you how to use your new ultrasound scanner, but we are not permitted to train you how to physically scan. That said, there are plenty of online (123sonography) and physical ultrasound skills courses (such as MedinFocus) so that you can learn at a pace and in an environment that suits you. What’s more, some of the scanners include the Scan Coach tool built in (LOGIQ V2, LOGIQ F series and Vscan Access) which will help guide you through a particular ultrasound examination and includes clinical reference images alongside your live scan image.

Q. What happens if there is a fault with my ultrasound scanner?

A. Your ultrasound scanner will come with a multi-year warranty that will cover all repairs, spare parts and labour, as well as one standard probe per year (for the LOGIQ V2 and F Series systems). This does not include accidental damage. You will have access to a remote service call centre for immediate help and if this does not fix the fault then we will arrange to have your system collected and returned to our service centre in Hatfield (Hertfordshire) for repair. We will repair your system within five working days from receipt at the service centre. The LOGIQ F series will be repaired in your practice.

Q. How can I keep up to date with courses and research materials?

A. You can find a lot of further information in the relevant sections of this website. Alternatively, speak with your local GE representative.